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    Post by Mod_Trojans on Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:04 pm

    Here are some EASY scripts to remember (Once you get this down you don't have to try to remember them again.)

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript">
    function changecolor(code)
    <input type="button" name="Not Important" Value="Any name" onclick="Changecolor('red')">

    You can use an color you want in the ('color') part where it displays red.
    The name= just Keep as "Button1" and value=" is the actual name of the button you are clicking on.
    This code displays the WHOLE page your on as the color you chose.
    function myfunction()
    alert('Hey Runecode');
    <input type="button" onclick="myfunction()" value="Hello"/>

    That displays and alert box. Alert('hey'); displays whats inside the alert while, value="hello" displays the outside;what the button says on it.

    <a href=">Runecode</a>

    Displays a HTML link to click on after the website address the part where runecode is at is where you put the name of the website or whatever you want.

     <marquee bgcolor="#000000"><Font color="#00ff00">Hey runecode</font></marquee>

    Displays a scrolling bar with the color bgcolor (background) is black and font is green
    all fonts/bg's have 6 letters or numbers.

    Sorry if some don't work they all should but errors do get bypassed. I hope this helps you all out and goodluck coding!

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