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    is the server down?


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    is the server down? Empty is the server down?

    Post by rendouzves on Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:56 am

    yesterday i discovered this server from youtube. it gave me a link to a runecode website and the client loaded like the new runescape. i was speaking to nexeus and stuffs. my in game name is rendouzves. i tried to go on the same website this morning but now its loading like an oldschool launcher ( like soulsplit) etc. so i have been trying to get on the server for ages now. i have downloaded the client from this website and i have tried to play the webclient but it either stays checking for updates and stays at 0 percent or if it does work. i try and log in, then it says (error connecting- please try another world) .. how can i get on the server. is there a specific website i need to be on?? i even saved the webclient in my bookmarks yesterday and it isnt working anymore

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    is the server down? Empty Re: is the server down?

    Post by Mod_Famous on Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:15 am

    had to update my pc might have been down for the night but its back on.

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